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Leadermac - A World-class 4-side Moulder Manufacturer

Offering a total commitment to service and customer satisfaction and with a heritage spanning four decades and a client base across 60 countries, Leadermac are a world class machine manufacturer.

Here at Leadermac UK we provide award winning machines and service to a host of sectors. Our core focus is to supply purpose built machines and back this up with a holistic after sales support package.

We have a reputation for quality and excellence. We implement intense quality control procedures that guarantee your machine is provided at optimum performance and dependability. 

We are consistently refining our machines to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality of cutting. Our research and development team are charged with a single brief - to enhance the value we offer our customers.

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Leadermac - leaders in: moulding machines (jointed and/or unjointed); planing machines (double surfacer); profile grinding machines (knife/cutterhead); and six cutter machines.

Our key market edge is our quality engineered machines of exactly the same technical capability as a Weinig but with a huge price advantage.

We hold a large number of spare parts for Leadermac machines at our UK offices and many spares are identical with Weinig machines. Please contact us for a quote.

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