Throughfeed Heavy Duty Planer Moulder Series Compact with 4, 5, 6 or 7 Spindles

Leadermac Compact Moulding Machine


  • Maximum size of timber admitted width 15 - 230 mm
  • Maximum size of timber admitted thickness 10 - 150 mm

Cutting Circles

  • First bottom head 125 mm 160 mm maximum
  • Vertical Spindles 125 mm 200 mm maximum
  • Horizontal Spindles 125 mm 200 mm maximum

Feed System

  • Maintenance free full cardan shaft drive to feedworks for balanced drive performance, with individual worm reduction gear box to each feed roller station
  • Feed roller diameter 140 mm
  • Infinitely variable feed speeds with inverter and feed speed
  • LED display 6 – 24 metres per minute
  • Feed motor power 3.75 kw/5 hp
  • Steel feed rollers up to top head are hardened and chromed to resist wear and to prevent chips sticking to them
  • Polyurethane feed rollers after top head
  • Top infeed rollers before first bottom head with pneumatic rise and fall by switch
  • 1 unit infeed driven serrated full width bed roller
  • 1 unit full width driven plain out feed bed roller
  • (1 extra bed roller on 6 spindle machine and 2 extra bed rollers on 7 spindle machine)
  • Intermediate top driven feed roller station with pneumatic loading
  • for feeding minimum 300 mm length workpieces
  • Pneumatic pressures to feed roller loading with 3 no pressure regulator controls
  • Powered rise and fall to feed beam with 0.55kw/¾ hp motor
  • All feed rollers and pressures move with top beam rise and fall, including safety switches at extreme points
  • Inch forward and reverse to feed with duplicate control at top head position for fast and easy setting


  • Electro magnetically braked motors
  • All spindle motors with Star delta starting system
  • Edge reference straightening system
  • 25 mm high fences
  • Telescopic bed plates between vertical spindles
  • Double side pressure unit opposite fence side head moving with near side head
  • Adjustable side guides after near side head
  • Chip breaker before top heads with vertical screw adjustment and mechanical digital readout
  • Pad pressure after top heads with vertical screw adjustment and mechanical digital readouts
  • 2000 mm pre-straightening infeed table with fence each 10 mm adjustment
  • 40 mm diameter spindles belt driven, with spindle speed of 6000 rpm
  • All spindles have horizontal and vertical adjustment, with mechanical digital readouts for fast and accurate setting, except first bottom head and which has vertical only
  • Independent manual vertical adjustment to top head
  • High precision spindle units
  • All bed plates have 0.3 mm hardened chrome HRC at 60o
  • Manual bed lubrication system
  • One piece cast iron heavy duty main frame with optimum vibration absorption
  • Centralised lubrication system to all main slides
  • Safety interlock at infeed to prevent feeding oversized material
  • Lift up sound and safety enclosure including internal lighting and safety interlocks
  • Interlock to lift up enclosure
  • 1 no. Set of Lifting Hooks
  • Dust extraction hoods outlet diameter 125 mm
  • Toolkit
  • Instruction and maintenance manual, electrical diagram and parts list.
  • Machine supplied with electrics arranged 3/50/415 v
  • 1 no. CE Pressure Regulator
  • Machine conforms to CE specification