Leadermac Automatic Cutter Grinding Machine

Model G320A

The Grindermac G320A automatic cutter grinder is an advanced grinder featuring fully automatic grinding operation.
With the PLC control, high grinding accuracy is obtainable.

Basic Specification

  • Length: 1905mm.
  • Width: 1100mm.
  • Height: 500mm.


  • Cutter rotation is automatically controlled by PLC for high accuracy.
  • Grinding head movement is automatically controlled by PLC, ensuring high grinding accuracy.
  • Humanified touch-sensing screen allows for convenient operation.
  • Multiple micro-switches protection upgrades operational safety.
  • Hydraulic system controls the slide movement rightward I leftward, featuring maximum stability.
  • Automatic or manual movement of slide is quick to change.
  • The entire machine is thoroughly protected by safety guards to achieve higher safety.
  • Fast cutterhead change saves considerable time while upgrading efficiency.
  • The control panel offers simple setting of tool parameters that saves cutter setting time.
  • Movable working light for added convenience.

Technical specification

Maximum length of cutterhead
Conventional cutterhead: 320mm (nut locking).
Hydraulic cutterhead: 320mm (hydraulic bushing lock).
Maximum diameter of cutter: 320mm.
Minimum diameter of cutter: 125mm.
Maximum knife numbers: 32.

Grinding wheel
Diameter: 175mm.
Bore: 25mm.
Spindle speed: 3000 rpm.

Grinding wheel arbor: 1.5 kw.
Coolant pump: 0.094 kw.
Hydraulic motor: 0.75 kw.

Cooling system
Coolant tank capacity: Maximum 28 litres - minimum 16 litres.