Leadermac Hydraulic Motorised Stair Cramp

  • Machine capable of cramping both “open plan” and “wedged up” stairs.
  • 3 hydraulic cylinders, which are operated by a motorised pump with push button starter.
  • Simple lever function for opening and closing operations.
  • 8 cramping bars at 500mm centres, which give easy access for nailing. The working height is adjustable.
  • Framework and side rails are of welded construction using heavy gauge box steel sections.
  • The cramping fingers are made from 20 mm thick steel profiles, gusseted on the back to prevent deformation occurring during operation.

Basic Specification

  • Length: 3800mm.
  • Adjustable width:  860mm minimum - 1260mm maximum.
  • Adjustable height: 600mm - 700mm.
  • Floor space: 4000mm x 1030mm.
  • Weight: 450 kg.
  • Motor size: 0.75 kw/1 hp.

Basic Machine Includes

  • Instruction manual