Multi Rip Saw

Model MRS-340 & MRS-340M

  • Heavy duty constructed pressure mechanism assures maximum stability and cutting safety.
  • Motorised adjustment (0.5 hp) with 2 springs loaded on each roller for increasing stability of feeding.
  • Precision chain and rails (dip chain) system facilitates accurate cutting operations.
  • Digitally controlled lubricator for feed chain.
  • Four rows of anti- kickback fingers.
  • Control panel for convenient operation.
  • Electrical amperage display.
  • Top and bottom powered outfeed rollers.
  • 15 mw red laser with mounting brackets.
  • Hydraulic locking (quick fix) saw arbour.
  • Complete set of spacers for setting the cutting width.
  • Tool kit for spacer setting.

Technical specification

  • Maximum cutting height: 120mm.
  • Maximum cutting width: 340mm.
  • Minimum working length: 600mm.
  • Saw spindle diameter: 70mm.
  • Saw blade diameter: 300mm - 350mm.
  • Saw arbor speed: 3800 rpm.
  • Saw arbor motor: 37.0 kw/50 hp.
  • Variable feed speed through electronic inverter: 5 metres/minute - 40 metres/min.
  • Feed drive motor: 2.2 kw/3.0 hp.
  • Pressure roller adjustment: 0.37 kw/0.5 hp.
  • Dust hood diameter: 200mm.
  • Table height from floor: 740mm.
  • Overall machine dimensions: 2190mm x 1475mm x 1769mm.
  • Net weight: 2100 kg.


  • Can be used as a standard multi-rip saw with standard alloy spacers and nut.
  • For use as a hydraulic quick-lock gripping device for saw carriers.
  • For use as a glide lock spindle for moving saw/s with program/computer.