Double Arbor Top & Bottom Multi Rip Saw

Model MRS-700

  • Machine is designed and engineered for first and second stage of material preparation after log is cut.
  • Ideally suited for pallet, building materials, and door frame manufacturing.
  • Great cutting capacity up to 220mm thick.
  • Can replace a band saw.
  • The pneumatic infeed roller is especially ideal for feeding heavy workpieces.

Technical specification

  • Maximum cutting thickness: 220mm.
  • Maximum cutting width: 350mm.
  • Distance from column to caterpillar centre: 345mm.
  • Minimum working length: 900mm.
  • Maximum saw blade diameter: 354mm.
  • Minimum saw blade diameter: 250mm.
  • Saw arbor diameter: 55mm.
  • Saw arbor speed: 3500 rpm.
  • Saw arbor motors available: 2 each @ 50 hp, 60 hp or 75 hp.
  • Variable feed speeds: 4.25 metres/minute.
  • Feed motor: 5 hp.
  • Table height: 745mm.
  • Table area (L x W): 2630mm x 750mm.
  • Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 2700mm x 2400mm x 1620mm.
  • Net weight: 5150kg.
  • Gross weight: 5600kg.